Kate Radford – Teaser EOY Interview by Leeds City College student Freyja Clare. Kate discusses why she chose to join Expression Of You, the challenges of women and their representation in popular culture.

About Kate;
I’m Kate Radford. I am an Artist. I am a Woman. I am of Welsh and Jewish heritage and was raised in rural, roaring Yorkshire.
I am based in Hebden Bridge. I work internationally. I work on local projects with local organisations as well as wider projects with international organisations. I work alone, I work collaboratively. I am predominantly a live artist or performance artist, but do accept my work exists within other dimensions. I like to explore that.
I use lots of different materials and explorations to journey through the landscape of the world we live in now. I do this because I do not believe we are one thing. I believe we are mentally and physically transitory, which means we can relate and converse with many different things. I converse with nature, I converse with technology. I converse with myself, I converse with others. i touch, taste, feel, smell, explore, expand. I don’t ever really think anything is finished.
I identify as synaesthetic. A polymath. A multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary, transforming, conversing and ever developing
EOY – Activating The Rainbow Teaser 2019
Expression of You (EOY) is a 30-year living art project that provides individuals with the opportunity to release the stigma, societal labels, and stereotypes by sharing ‘Their Truth’ in the way they want to be seen. It is a celebration of the diversity, similarities, power, and subtleties of what it means to be a human.
Established in 2010, the project is a time capsule that has witnessed the truth of over 350 participants so far, aiming to work with overall 15 000 souls over the next 22 years.