Age 50

I am a beautiful simply complicated Black woman, who is quite comfortable in my skin…


Age 59

My grandmother was a midwife – my midwife. Born at her home, she kept my navelstring (umbilical cord) until she died. A symbol of our connection…


Age 62

July 1950,St Mary’s hospital Leeds, not far removed from its former workhouse status, I was born to 21 year old Sheila and 45 year old Fred who had met and fell in love traveling by train to Ayr races where mum worked on the tote and dad was a bookie…


Age 33

Well I got hurt. Hurt so badly that words cannot describe the pain I felt. I needed to see my own pain to be able to understand it.


Age 50

Fifty years on this earth and l don’t think I’ve ever stopped to seriously consider who l am to any great extent. Well not until this project came along…

Justine & Leela

Age 43 & 9

Well, I’m all sorts really, a bit of this and a bit of that. Seamstress runs in my blood. Generations of stitching pieces of fabric together to make fine clothes for fine ladies…


Age 24

You probably want to ask me why I suddenly want to join your project. Long story short: I saw my weakness and overcame it. This is something to celebrate…


Age 25

I didn’t think anything about me was quite right for it. A bit too fat, a bit too brown, a bit too plain, a bit too shy.  Then came the questions…


Age X

In the past I was a baby, as we all were and as my mother fed me I got bigger and bigger. Sort of like those beans from that fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk only I didn’t grow into a giant and my mum didn’t just toss me out of the window. There was a whole heap of love and care…

They stand tall.
They are brave.
They are unique.
They are beautiful.
They are every person.