Expression of You is a 30-year living art project that provides individuals with the opportunity to release the stigma, societal labels, and stereotypes by sharing ‘Their Truth’ in the way they want to be seen. It is a celebration of the diversity, similarities, power, and subtleties of what it means to be a human. Established in 2010, the project is a celebration of the act of sharing through photographic portraits, documentary videos and first-person writing. It is a time capsule that has witnessed the truth of over 350 female and Non-Binary participants so far, aiming to work with overall 15 000 souls over the next 22 years.

In Ashley’s words:

Expression of You’ is an experiment – not a social experiment but a search for the Truth in all our lives. The only ‘divine Truth’ is that, sometimes, what we see and feel can be spoken without words, yet can become reality because it reflects in our own souls. These are not political Truths, they are not religious Truths, they are people’s Truths – devoid of any political bias, dogma, or fears.

Is this raw power which draws me to people’s Truths? Or is it my search for my own Truth in my soul? Can I ever really capture one’s Truth, or existence once the Truth is shared? They stand tall.
 They are brave.
 They are unique.

What’s your Truth…? 




EOY – Activating The Rainbow Teaser 2019

June 2019

Five students from Leeds Trinity University joined Maria Dakova and Ashley Karrell at EOY on a work placement to embark on a journey of exploration, research, writing and documentary creation around some of the themes behind the project. Soon to be released, their work has brought new knowledge and amazing content to share in the future.

April 2019

Expression Of You started the Activating The Rainbow phase with Leeds International Festival.

Expression Of You – Activating the Rainbow

October 2018

Big Sunday Gathering Sun, Oct 21, A Special Day of activities at New Wortley Community Centre brought together by Live Art Bistro.

Ashley Karrell collaborates with LAB and shares images and videos from Expression Of You with the people of the area.

July 2018

EOY hits a new milestone of working with over 350 women from around the world. EOY the books volume 1,2,&3 and further exhibitions will come out in 2019.

June  2018

Leeds City College students Freyja Clare & Emily Kinghorn completed working on EOY – A Personal Journey documentary. The tutors praised them for the quality of the film, the amazing journey in the footage and the storytelling. EOY – A Personal Journey documentary will be released in March 2019.

Jan 2018

Leeds City College students Freyja Clare & Emily Kinghorn start working with Ashley Karrell on the documentary EOY – A Personal Journey.  This insider documentary reveals for the first time the process, sharing the experiences and feelings of taking part in the project. This film will be submitted for their LCC final year grades.

Sept 2017

EOY hits a new milestone of working with over 300 women from around the world.

Dec 2016 

EOY has its first Costa Rica shoot with German Traveler Sarah D.

May 2016

Ashley Karrell’s ‘Good Hair?’ portrait got shortlisted for the best single image award at the Renaissance Photography Prize 2016 http://www.renaissancephotography.org/2016-single-image-finalists/

7th May 2013

Expression of You – the Divine Feminine in Urban Coco magazine

Ashley Karrell’s Expression of You exhibition appeared on the Urban Coco magazine website, read about it here

20th May 2013

Expression of You – the Divine Feminine has it’s first review

Culture Vulture has given a review of Ashley Karrell’s Expression of You – The Divine Feminine at Leeds Gallery. You can read it here.

22 May 2013

Expression of You – the Divine Feminine Part II launches 31st May