Janice – Age 50



Age 50

I am a beautiful, simply, complicated Black woman, who is quite comfortable in my skin. I love being female and consider myself a traditional contemporary woman. By that I mean that I accept the role of woman as mother, nurturer, softer, who will allow a man to be the man – protector, provider, stronger (physically) – while being strong enough and able to step up to the role of man, if the man is absent from my life. 

I love life and I am grateful to GOD for never leaving me, for being faithful, and for ALWAYS keeping His word, cause I done seen some things, an’ bin some places! J Praise GOD!!!! Though

I am in midst of great transition and I know that change is imminent, though not exactly sure of what form that change will take, I trust GOD and so I have no doubt that I will overcome it all.

My proudest, or most proud achievement is my daughter of whom I can honestly say, “This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.” I often say that she is me-perfected and I look forward to seeing the outcome of her presence in the world.

Words, things, names, people or anything that is really important to Janice:

 I have to think of more words… JL-C.